Publications December 2012-February 2013

New synthetic indicators to assess community resilience and restoration success
Breeding Experience Might Be a Major Determinant ofBreeding Probability in Long-Lived Species: The Case ofthe Greater Flamingo
Sélection des habitats d'alimentation de l'hirondelle rustique Hirundo rustica en halte migratoire post-nuptiale en Provence
Salinity effects on anguillicolosis in Atlantic eels: a natural tool for disease control
Reproductive dynamics of three amphibian species in Mediterranean wetlands: the role of local precipitation andhydrological regimes
Diet and Feeding Habitats of Camargue Dabbling Ducks: What Has Changed Since the 1960s?
Existing areas and past changes of wetland extent in the Mediterranean region:an overview
Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Changes in the Mediterranean Wetlands
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