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Collaboration with Ph.D. students, student interns, and volunteers

The ecological studies undertaken by the Tour du Valat in the Rhone delta, and more generally in the Mediterranean region, are often the chance for students, Ph.D. students, and interns at different levels in their educational experience to collaborate with each other. The students are from a wide range of universities, institutes, and laboratories in France, Europe, and beyond. The internships are generally carried out on subjects that are pre-defined within the framework of our own programmes. As the number of places is limited, students who come with their own funding will have a certain advantage.

The internships provided by our organisation are aimed at students who, within the framework of their university coursework, must complete a practical internship as part of their degree.

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The Tour du Valat participates in the European Volunteer Service (SVE) for individuals who are 18 to 25 years old. It is listed as a host organisation in this pan-European exchange network under the number 2006-FR-13. A scholarship granted by the European Union allows us to integrate European volunteers into our research teams for a duration of six to twelve months.

For more information, please contact your national coordination agency or SOS.


Team carrying out a botanical inventory
Team carrying out a botanical inventory

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