Our expertise

At the Tour du Valat, a research centre for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands, our scientific team, comprising around thirty specialists is undertaking programmes of research into the functioning of wetlands and is testing management methods.

In each of its research programmes, the Tour du Valat includes a “transfer” section so that the various wetland stakeholders can benefit from the results of the research programmes. The results are transferred through training and by setting up innovative projects carried out in collaboration with many different partners.

Accordingly, the Tour du Valat offers:

  • Training modules: Background and requirements of training, Training for trainers, Design and organisation of training courses (e.g. trainer’s guide).
  • The publication of technical documents dealing with the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands

Our experts

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If you would like to have further information about the various fields of expertise covered by the Tour du Valat, and/or to set up a project with some of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact them or the secretariat of our scientific.

Our projects

Several important Tour du Valat projects are being carried out with the help of funding from national (FFEM), European (LIFE Third Countries, LIFE-Nature, SMAP, etc.) and international (FEM, etc.) sources. To discover some examples of projects we lead or have coordinated in the recent years, click here.