Séminaire mardi 21/02/2017 : "From Paleoclimate Variables to Prehistoric Agriculture in Holocene Provence"

Mardi 21 février 2017 à 11h en salle Jean-Paul Taris, Daniel Contreras (Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d'Écologie marine et continentale) présentera un séminaire en anglais intitulé "From Paleoclimate Variables to Prehistoric Agriculture: Settlement Patterns, Human Environments, and Process-Based Agroecosystem Modeling in Holocene Provence"; l'accès est libre et sans inscription.

Résumé :

Past climatic changes are often cited as drivers of societal change in the Mediterranean Basin. While Holocene climate variability in the region is certainly sufficient to raise questions about how and if inhabitants responded, the mechanisms of this supposed influence are generally little explored, reflecting the interdisciplinary challenge of integrating paleoclimatic and archaeological data (and models) that are of varying and often uncommensurate scales and resolutions. Here I discuss the integration of two tools – agro-ecosystem modeling of potential yields and spatial analysis of archaeological settlement pattern data – in order to examine the human consequences of past climatic changes. Focusing on a case study in Provence, I examine the changing influence over time of agricultural productivity on settlement location, as a means of assessing the societal impacts of climate changes.


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