Publications janvier - mars 2015


A user-friendly tool to assess management plans for European eel fishery and conservation
Pododermatitis in Captive and Free-Ranging Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus)
Identification of novel Bromus- and Trifolium-associated circular DNA viruses
Metacommunity and phylogenetic structure determine wildlife and zoonotic infectious disease patterns in time and space
Cancer: an emergent property of disturbed resource-rich environments? Ecology meets personalized medicine
Development of an Indicator to Monitor Mediterranean Wetlands
A comparison of wintering duck numbers among European rice production areas with contrasting flooding regimes
Current status of the Dalmatian Pelican and the Great White Pelican populations of the Black Sea/Mediterranean flyway
Assessing the ecological integrity of endorheic wetlands, with focus on Mediterranean temporary ponds
Population typology to better target environmental education: a case from Algeria
Photoperiod buffers responses to salt and temperature during germination of two coastal salt marsh colonizers Juncus acutus and Juncus maritimus
Ajustements dynamiques des sous-populations d’anguilles européennes et traits d’histoire de vie : apport du marquage individuel par PIT-tag pour la conservation
Switch to non-toxic shot in the Camargue, France: effect on waterbird contamination and hunter effectiveness
An Observatory to Monitor Mediterranean Wetlands
Animal behaviour and cancer
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