Publications octobre - décembre 2014


A Novel Itera-Like Densovirus Isolated by Viral Metagenomics from the Sea Barley Hordeum marinum
Entre Camargue et Delta de Gediz: réflexions sur les transferts de modèles de gestion intégrée des zones côtières
Environmental discourses: Understanding the implications on ICZM protocol implementation in two Mediterranean deltas
Adapting international conservation strategies to local context: perceptions of biodiversity values and management responsibility in two Mediterranean deltas
A user-friendly tool to assess management plans for European Eel fishery and conservation
Comparison of plasma vitamin A and E, copper and zinc levels in free-ranging and captive greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) and their relation to pododermatitis
Ecologists overestimate the importance of predictor variables in model averaging: a plea for cautious interpretations
Eco-evolutionary dynamics induced by massive mortality events
Impacts of extreme climatic events on the energetics of long-lived vertebrates: The case of the Greater Flamingo facing cold spells in the Camargue
Individual differences in behavioral consistency are related to sequential access to resources and body condition in a producer-scrounger game
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