Publications octobre - décembre 2016


Variations individuelles des traits reproducteurs chez le Flamant rose : de l'appariement à l'envol des jeunes
Sélection d'habitat et dynamique spatio-temporelle des colonies chez deux espèces de laridés, la Mouette rieuse et le Goéland railleur
Analysis of Spatial Point Pattern Shows No Desertion of Breeding Mute Swan Areas by the Other Waterbirds Within Fishpond
Egg clutch patterning in Lestes virens (Odonata, Lestidae) with evolutionary emphasis on endophytic oviposition in lestid dragonflies
Les oiseaux rares en France en 2015 : 33ème rapport du Comité d'Homologation National
Taking stock of nature: Essential biodiversity variables explained
Why do forest products become less available? A pan-tropical comparison of drivers of forest-resource degradation
Duck hunting bag estimates for the 2013/14 season in France
Recent changes in the abundance of Common Pochard Aythya ferina breeding in Europe
Sexual display complexity varies non-linearly with age and predicts breeding status in greater flamingos
Plant colonization and survival along a hydrological gradient: demography and niche dynamics
Epizoic algae distribution on the carapace and plastron of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis, Linnaeus, 1758): A study from the Camargue, France
When Common Birds Became Rare: Historical Records Shed Light on Long-Term Responses of Bird Communities to Global Change in the Largest Wetland of France
Keeping the golden mean: plant stiffness and anatomy as proximal factors driving endophytic oviposition site selection in a dragonfly
Representing the Greater Flamingo in Southern France: A semantic analysis of newspaper articles showing change over time
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