Publications septembre - novembre 2011


Global economy interacts with climate change to jeopardize species conservation: the case of the greater flamingo in the Mediterranean and West Africa
Gestion partagée d'un marais camarguais
Connectivity between the Algerian population of Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus and those of the Mediterranean basin
An automatic counter for aerial images of aggregations of large birds
Geographical and temporal patterns in the diet of pintail Anas acuta, wigeon Anas penelope, mallard Anas platyrhynchos and teal Anas crecca in the Western Palearctic
Une analyse stratégique pour l'organisation à finalité environnementale. Le cas d'une ONG, la Tour du Valat Centre de recherche pour la conservation des zones humides méditerranéennes
Breeding mute swan habitat selection when accounting for detectability: a plastic behaviour consistent with rapidly expanding populations
Modelling anthropogenic substances in coastal wetlands: Application to herbicides in the Camargue (France)
Oiseaux sauvages et émergence: le virus West Nile en zone méditerranéenne.
The effect of recurrent floods on genetic composition of marble trout populations
Analyse de la situation et des besoins en suivi-évaluation des zones humides méditerranéennes (mars 2009-juin 2011)
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